Plants Vs Zombies 2

Day la phien ban tiep theo cua game plants vs zombies voi ten goi game trong cay ban ma
Noi dung Game Plants vs Zombies 2

Cay hoa co kha nang tan cong lu zombies duoc trong tren mai nha. lan nay se khong co ai bao ve nua. ban phai dieu khien de cay hoa co the ban chet nhung con Zombies do bo tu mai nha xuong. khong duoc de mot con nao co the tan cong xuong mai nha. Cang giet duoc nhieu ma ban cang duoc nhieu diem.
Cach choi game

Ban dung chuot dieu khien cay hoa ban nhung qua bong de ha guc lu zombies.

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